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Hey all!

Hey all! I was just wondering, Does ANYONE have any pictures of Adamo and Stacey from their meet and greet in LA on June 22(I think it was)? IF you did can you PLEASE post them? THANKS 1MILLION!!!!

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Hey I was curious.... is there any way to find out which cast members are going to be at which malls?
degrassi.tv is going to tell who is going where and when. Keep yout eyes peeled:)
Wait.... so now that Adamo was in LA there isnt a chance that he will be in the mall in MICHIGAN?
nononono, this was a special promo that the dvd company put out. This wasent part of the mall tour. So there is still a chance he will come to Mishigan:P
Ooooh well he must come to MI as he is the large reason I am driving out to lakeside lol
I take it you've met him seeing your userpic?
YEP! It was last october, he came to Fairview Mall here in Toronto and I got a pic with him and his autograph and a hug! *giggles*
Aw thats sooo hot! I fear that if I saw him I would do more than hug him :X

Is he straight in real life?
ROFL!!!! Thats funny.

I dont think he is straight in real life, just look @ his shoe collection on his unscripted:P
Well some guys like to be pretty :D plus im sure he has lots of money.

BUT... even if he is gay... I can still have his babies!

Was he cool? Nice? Sexy? What did he say? Lol I must know more now. Does he talk like he does in the show?
Cool yes, nice VERY, sexy TO THE MAX! He does talk like on the show, its funny accually, I thought he would be a total opposite like Stacey and Ellie but hes So much like his character!
ahh, I know i'm commenting late xD but ohmahgah its so awesome that you met Adamo =] =]

I read somewhere that they think he's either bi or gay, but hey, it was just somewhere on the internet.
I really hope he's at the Columbia Mall. ;_____________;
YAY YOURE HERE you little sexy.

Psh fux you hes coming to MI to see ME!
I met him and kissed him on the cheek when he came to SF.
This is extremely delayed, but I have them all on my fansite's gallery >.>
And while I remember, would you object to me adding your pic of you guys from your Myspace, that you're using in your icon? I'm able to credit you however you'd want =]
OMG i would be xxxtremely honoured! Go right ahead darling!
Thank you eversomuch =D it's added. Oh, and in response to your comment below, you're welcome!
OMG thank you ubermuch!