Um, hey guys, I'm new and I was just wondering if Adamo was gay. I know technically it's none of my business but seeing as I'm a gay actor it would be cool to know other gay actors to look up to and stuff.

Oh and hi. :)

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Scrubs - Super Docs

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Hey guys, just a heads up:

Adamo Ruggiero & Lauren Collins will be at the Woodbridge Center (part of the Mall Tour) in New Jersey on September 24th from 1pm-6pm!
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Ad Banner

I posted an ad banner on the info page that you can use on your info or in advertising communities etc. to help us grow :)

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Adamo and I!

Hey all!

Hey all! I was just wondering, Does ANYONE have any pictures of Adamo and Stacey from their meet and greet in LA on June 22(I think it was)? IF you did can you PLEASE post them? THANKS 1MILLION!!!!



Join everyone! This is an Adamo Ruggiero fan community. Post info about Adamo or Degrassi. But our main focus is picture and icons of Adamo Ruggiero so post away! Make sure they're under a cut though.

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